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I'm setting up a Flow (via Shopify Flow App) to automatically email customers.

1) It does not seem that I can send an email to a customer's email as the variables are not allowed in the Email address field.  I can use {{}} in the subject or body, but that results in an error when entered into Email address. What gives!

2) All emails come from "" so replying to an email results in a bounce back.  It would be nice if Flow would use the standard email set for the site 😞

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Yes, same question. Pretty basic reason for the email function of Flow: 


1. Send customers an automated email -- thus ability to put email address variable in the to field.

2. Customers can reply to that email -- thus ability to customize sender address.


Any way to do this with Shopify Flow? 

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So, is there?

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Also looking for a solution to #2!