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Shopify Geolocation App

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Shopify Geolocation App
is it possible to customize:


- code to adjust css and other parts of the popup?

- replace font?

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hello there  


To adjust the CSS of the popup, you can use custom CSS code in your theme's stylesheet. You can use the developer tools in your web browser to inspect the elements of the popup and identify the CSS classes or IDs that need to be targeted. Once you have identified the appropriate CSS selectors, you can add custom CSS code to your theme's stylesheet to adjust the appearance of the popup.

To replace the font in the popup, you can use custom CSS code to change the font family used by the relevant CSS selectors. You can either use a web-safe font that is available on most devices, or you can upload a custom font file to your Shopify store and reference it in your CSS code.

Here's an example of how to change the font family of the popup using custom CSS:


#geolocation-popup {
  font-family: "Open Sans", sans-serif;


In this example, the #geolocation-popup selector targets the main container element of the popup, and the font-family property sets the font to "Open Sans" with a fallback to the sans-serif font family.