Shopify.getCart() returns undefined but open a alert message with cart item count

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I am trying to get product info that is added to cart. Shopify.getCart() function returns undefined but opens an alert message saying "there is 1 item in the cart". How to get the cart details using this? any help appreciated Screenshot 2019-07-16 at 2.17.46 PM.png

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Hey @tsuj. Thanks for this question! I had the exact same one. Did you ever get this sorted out?


I can call the function but it always alerts the value, I just want to set it to a variable!

- Jesse Michel | Shopify Expert
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Turns out it's actually useless unless you do any tweak on the theme. I have used the ajax API for the same functionality. It's pretty flexible. 

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Shopify.getCart() returns a promise. So, you can use the following to get data:
Shopify.getCart(function (cart){

//here you have the cart object.




This won't fire up the alert.