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Shopify has deemed this app as a connector app

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Hello everyone,

I submitted our app. I received the response of the Shopify Reviewer.

Shopify has deemed this app as a connector app. Connector apps are apps that have the primary purpose of transferring or sharing merchant data to a third party and these apps must have prior written consent from Shopify to comply with our   section 2.3.19. The following action is required to proceed forward in the review process:

  1. An End Recipient acknowledgment form must be signed by each end recipient that gains access to Shopify merchant data via your Application.
  2. Include a URL to the completed form(s) in the Test instruction upon replying to this email. Note: The above form is to be completed by the external 3rd party platform(s), and not the application owner (you).


I don't know how can I do that. Anyone helps me explain step by step to do that? or sample?

Thank you so much



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we were on the same boat sometime back.

We had to drop that idea. If anybody knows a solution please let us know as well.

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