Re: Shopify Inbox has a badge that will not go away

Shopify Inbox has a badge that will not go away

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I have no unread messages, but Shopify inbox still has a red circle with a “1”  in it. How do I make this go away?

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Hello LindsayMorris,

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If the red circle with a "1" remains visible even though you have no unread messages, it is likely that you have unread notifications in your Shopify inbox. These notifications encompass various updates such as order information, abandoned cart notifications, and new customer registrations.

To verify the presence of unread notifications, follow these steps:

* Access your Shopify admin.

* Locate and click on the Notifications icon.

* In case there are unread notifications, they will be displayed in the Unread section.

* To mark a notification as read, click the adjacent "Mark as read" button.

* Once all notifications are marked as read, the red circle should disappear.

If the red circle persists after marking all notifications as read, you can attempt the following:

-> Clear your Shopify browser cache and cookies, as this can resolve notification-related issues. Proceed as follows.

- Open the Settings menu in your web browser.

- Select "Advanced."

- Under "Privacy and security," locate and click on "Clear browsing data."

- Check the "Cookies and site data" checkbox and click "Clear data."

-> Check your spam folder, as notifications might mistakenly end up there if your email provider categorizes them as spam.

-> If you utilize a third-party app to manage your Shopify store, review the app's settings to determine if there is a notification setting that requires adjustment.

-> Log out of your Shopify account and then log back in to refresh the system.

Don't hesitate to ask if you need any further clarification.


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Hi there, @LindsayMorris. A big thank you to @flareAI for jumping into this thread, and assisting you with your issue.


I just wanted to jump in as well, and recommend that you try updating your Inbox App to it's most recent version, as well as the operating system on the device that you're running the app on. I've seen this issue be resolved after an update, so I recommend doing a double-check of that!


If you do all of the steps outlined by @flareAI, and then attempt the update, and the issue persists, please follow up with me here and let me know!

Imogen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi and thanks for this thread. I’m having issues with having the number “6” as a red badge in my Shopify app on my iPhone 15. I just added the app the other day. I’ve checked all notifications and messages. Everything has been read. How do I make it say zero? Thanks for any help!