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Shopify Launchpad schedule releases at the variant level

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I have a client that needs to schedule product releases at specific times. Currently, each item is a stand-alone product. The new items are hidden in the store and a release is scheduled. We are switching all stand-alone products to variants but Shopify doesn't currently allow you to hide specific variants of a product. Can you do this using Shopify Launchpad? 


For example, they have a pair of textured leggings that come in 20 color variants. They are releasing 5 new color variants. Can we load the new colors into the product and have the Shopify Launch pad hide the new variants until the launch event?

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We really need this too! we have tried Bulk products editor. But it has a lot of bugs. the images of the variants show up before the scheduled time. And when it gets published that new variant is the last image, we want it to be the first image, as it is the newest product.


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Also looking for this functionality! We operate the same for my business.

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Also looking for this functionality. Does anyone know if this is possible?