Shopify linked to facebook page but cannot link to Instagram

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Hi everyone

I really hope there is solution for the problem because I feel confused with linking Shopify to Facebook page and Instagram. I have tried to fix the problem since last month...


The Facebook page had linked to Shopify already and I can tag the product on Facebook 

and the Facebook page is linked to the Instagram 

But !!!  Shopify cannot link to Instagram and even if I can see there is a product list on Instagram, I cannot select the product...


The message shows on Shopify is the following:

This Instagram account is already connected to a Commerce Account. To continue using Instagram Shopping you need to delete the connected Commerce Account. Contact Facebook to help you resolve this issue.


The question is I am sure that there is no another Commerce Account...


And it is hard to contact Facebook


see if anyone face the same problem as mine


Thanks for attention !!!


Merry Christmas

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Hi! I'm dealing with the exact same problem. Were you able to solve this problem? If so, how? Thank you in advance.

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I'm experiencing the same issue. did you ever resolve this?