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Hi There, 


I'm currently using Metafields Guru to add metafields to my collections and products. 

I've got a metafield setup on a 'per-collection' basis and a metafield setup on a 'per-product' basis. 

What happens is, when I navigate as follows: home page >> collections >> "collection 1" >> "product 1" >> product 1 page >> tab 3 showing metafield data appears. This means that if i navigate to a product via the collection that it belongs to, the tab that i've coded to read the value of that metafield populates the info. If however I navigate from that product, straight to another product via the 'You May Also Like" section at the bottom half of the screen which shows a range of other products from the same collection, then the tab does not populate the value from the metafield. Does that mean I have to include that metafield on the product level and not just the collection level? 


Please see my code for what i've done below, 


<div class="product-single__description rte">

<ul class="tabs">
<li class="tab active" data-content-id="tab-content-1">Description</li>
<li class="tab" data-content-id="tab-content-2">Nutritional Information</li>
<li class="tab" data-content-id="tab-content-3">Ingredients</li>

<div id="tab-content-1" class="tab-content active">
{{ product.description }}

<div id="tab-content-2" class="tab-content">
{{ product.metafields.details.nutrition }}

<div id="tab-content-3" class="tab-content">
{{ collection.metafields.details.ingredients }}


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