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Shopify Node connection between backend - frontend

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Hello Guys.



I am really new in shopify app development.


I have an allready a working app what i have created with next.JS (I have worked with node/express too)


I just would like to create a connection between my frontend and backend with a simple endpoint.


It means i send a get request and i receive something nonsense. The main goal would be that is the backend can communicate with the frontend.


I have created a git repo too.:


The app has been created with shopify-cli


In my pages folder there is an index.js file, where my frontend "lives". 


I have created (or i think ) 2 differend endpoints.


1. pages/api/test   endpoint: "/test"

2. server/server.js  endpoint: "/test2"


When i call the endpoints i get an error. 


I have read the documentation but it just makes me confused.


How should i authenticate between my backend and frontend exactly?


Thank you for your help Huys in advance.

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