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Shopify Post Purchase --> InputData --> InitialPurchase --> LineItems empty array

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I noticed a recent bug (past 1 month) with my Shopify post-purchase extension. I use InputData to get InitialPurchase object and find out what items were in the original purchase. However, I noticed this new bug in the past few weeks where the InitialPurchase object has an empty array for the lineItems field, even though all the other fields are correctly filled. In fact, even the totalPriceSet is correct and has the item calculated for, but the item in the purchase is not listed as a lineItem. 

I am using @Shopify/post-purchase-ui-extensions-react and the useExtensionInput function. 

Not sure if this is relevant, but this behavior is occurring for Draft Orders. So my post-purchase extension is called after a Draft Order invoice is submitted, but now the lineItems field is blank. This same code was working ~1 month ago. Has there been a deprecation regarding this?





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