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Hi i create a Shopify apps and Generate extension , then deploy the app and install it in production store but my custom discount not shwoing when i press "Create discount" , i test same app in manys stores and its show, only 1 store has this issue 

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Hello @Soufiane3,

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Here are some additional things you can try.

-> Ensure that the app has the necessary permissions to create discounts in the affected store by checking the app's access settings in the Shopify Partner Dashboard.

-> Clear your browser's cache and cookies to address any potential display problems caused by outdated cache or browser issues.

-> Verify that the discount code is spelled correctly and hasn't expired. Also, review the discount code settings in your Shopify admin to ensure it's active and applicable to the relevant products or collections.

-> Temporarily disable other apps installed on the store to check if there's any conflict causing the issue with your custom discount.

-> Inspect specific settings or configurations in the affected store that might impact the display of the custom discount. Compare these settings with the stores where the app is functioning correctly.

-> If you recently updated your Shopify theme, consider reverting to a previous version to see if the custom discount issue is resolved. These updates can sometimes introduce problems with custom features.

I hope this information proves useful.


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did you find a solution?

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for custom app contains shopify functions its available only for shopify plus plan , its why doesnt showing in regulars stores