Shopify Public App Rate Limits & Dynamic Discount codes expiration date

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I can't find any documentation on what the API Rate Limits are for Public Apps.

Talking with the Support, they couldn't answer it. Got 2 different answers. One said its unlimited, one said its the same as using private/custom apps => so default 2 requests/second.

Why I am asking that is cause we are building an CRM on Shopify. And when I want to create discount codes for a campaign with 20k contacts, I really am limited to 2 requests/second which takes about 4-5 hours to send to all. Wow.

Also, when creating dynamic discount codes where I want them to have a validity of 7 days (after creation) I need to create a price rule for each of the code (wow again). Support told me I can create max of 20 price rules per hour. This is very convenient when I got many thousands of flow enrollments in one hour.

Please can someone help me out with that? Thanks!

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