Shopify Review App (Add to REVIEWS as well as SHOP page)

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I currently use the Shopify Review App on the store SHOP page, but is it possible to also add to a second page called REVIEWS?

I would like the same reviews to be on both pages .... and also give customers the chance to WRITE A REVIEW from either page (so basically it will be the same app and content but visible from both pages). 

Note: This is a one product store which is why we wish to have the reviews under the two pages. 

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If you only have a single product then you can just add the code manually as written here Using the Product Reviews app · Shopify Help Center


You would need to set the product object first as this would not be set on a non product page


{% assign product = all_products['PRODUCT_HANDLE_HERE'] %}


then you can use 


<div id="shopify-product-reviews" data-id="{{}}">{{ }}</div>


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