Shopify Session Token Implementation - Not working in incognito mode

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As said by shopify we are migrating our app to Shopify App Bridge using session token authentication. In the browser normal mode everything is working good. But when I try it in the incognito mode, it just runs into a infinite loop ending with an error  saying

"This app can’t load due to an issue with browser cookies. Try enabling cookies in your browser, switching to another browser , or contacting the developer to get support."

Below is the code that I used to detect if this is the first time the shop is loading the app. 

Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here... 



// shopify bridge app actions 

var permissionUrl = 'https://'+

      if ( == window.self) {
      }else {
        var app = createApp({
          apiKey: "<%= ShopifyApp.configuration.api_key %>",
          shopOrigin: '<%= "#{ @current_shopify_session.domain }" if @current_shopify_session %>',
          forceRedirect: true


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