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Is there a way to integrate Shopify and Spotify ?? That would be great!


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Hey Veronica!

You'd be amazed how often the two of us get mistaken for the other, never thought I'd see a question like this!

The answer is yes! Spotify has made it possible to embed their tracks and playlists on external sites. You should at the very least be able to add this to anywhere on Shopify where HTML can live (Pages, Blogs, and Product Descriptions to name a few).

Hope that helps :)

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Hi Alex!


We've spotted that artists can now sell merch on Spotify (using Merchbar).


We work with a couple of musicians, would it be possible to connect their Shopify stores to promote merch on their Spotify pages?


Are you working on such an integration, with either Merchbar or Spotify?






Many thanks,

Swanky Jen


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Hey Alex!


I read through that article and a few others that claim the same thing, however when I paste the code into the product description and hit "Save" then view the site all I see is the code in the product description instead of the actual player. Any advice on this?


Thanks, much love ૐ


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Interesting, hhh. Instead of learning the integration of Spotify and Shopify, I just know Spotify had worked with some platforms. By the way, for other platforms that not cooperate, I use the DRmare Spotify Downloader for Windows to help me. And it works well. Hope it can help you too.

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There is no official integration between Spotify and Shopify. If you want to add Spotify playlists to Shopify, then an additional Spotify playlist converter is a must. It helps you to convert Spotify content to local files so that you get free access to integrate Spotify with any device without premium.

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Currently, there is no integration between Spotify and Shopify. And I don't think they will get integrated in the future since Spotify has revoked integration with many third-party apps and devices. A better way is to use a Spotify downloader to get Spotify downloaded music. Then manually integrate Spotify songs with Shopify.

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This feature was announced today!  How do we make it work?  How are our Shopify and Spotify accounts linked?