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Hi - I'm looking for some help! I use Shopify to run my car cleaning business allowing customers to book their cars in for a clean and pay.


I currently use an app called Side Panda to handle all appointment bookings. Customers choose their package and then select a time from our availability before completing their booking. This works well.


I would like to add some functionality to the website allowing us to offer subscriptions to our bookings (i.e. if they pay up front for a set number of bookings, they'll receive a discount).


I have tried adding various subscription apps which offer this functionality but they then don't allow customers to select the date/time for their bookings using our existing app. In effect, the apps don't seem to communicate with each other.


I would love some assistance with this and to see if it is even possible.



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To be honest, I have not seen an app with such functionality. Anyway, you can try ReCharge Subscriptions and Bold Subscriptions, and if something goes wrong, you can create a custom Shopify app with the functionality you require which will 100% take into account the needs of your business.

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