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We have just installed a new shopify translator and all works fine:    from Chinese --> English

In the url, it comes also from an unique url with another category name:

however, a new problem come out:

1. in the organic searching result, shows the new url, aka,

2. however, the Title Tag text content from such organic searching result,  was from the Chinese text entered inside the shopify product fields, aka, sync to the English page, but not the English one even there is an independent unique url.


And I want to make it to shows with all only English, not the option re-edit the Title Tag fields from the Chinese to be English.

Is there any extra Title Tag APP that can install?

Thanks a lot!


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Shopify Staff
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Hi there @henrywu!

Don here from Shopify.

I'd like to see how we can get you some info and support for the issue you raised with us here in the Community.

Can you clarify for me, did you add a translation app from our app store to your own Shopify store to add these translations?

If you have done so, you would be able to reach out to the developers of that app for specific support with their creation.

You can click on 'Get support' next to the name of the app in the Apps menu in your Shopify admin or you can find contact details on the app store page for that app.

The developers of these third-party apps would be experts in their own products and should be able to confirm for you how it would work in these specific circumstances.

Let me know if you're having a hard time finding or using the contact details for the app in question and the name of that app so I can help you to get in touch.

Can you let me know a bit more about what your business is?

What else do you need to work on next for your store apart from the above, are you looking to sell to multiple countries internationally?




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Thanks Don's reply.

I have contacted the Translator APP, and they make sure the running of their translation service only. For the more technical services, which needs the other APP.

In my case, after installed that translation APP, The Google SEO result shows only the Chinese Text content from that Tag:


I supposed it should be only the English content, however not.

And I guess shall there any plug-in Tag APP for the translated page to add its English text content? In order to let Google to display those translated content?

or there is only a defaulted edited content from Google only?


eCOM solution with Shopify