Shopify two variants, if one is sold out other also sell out

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Hello, I am looking for a solution to the following problem.


I want to sell beats. There are two vaiants for the beats.


First variant:
cheaper, anyone can buy and use for their songs.

Second variant:

Expensive, can be bought only once and only the person may use this beat then.

That means the one variant should be able to be bought infinitely often and should not be sold out. The second variant should only be available once (you can easily set this in the inventory by setting the quantity to 1). If this variant is sold, it will be marked as sold out. This is all well and good, but if the second variant is sold, with which then only the person may still use the beat, must automatically be marked as sold out also the variant, which normally can not be sold out.


The reason for this is that the more expensive license is exclusive and as soon as this has been bought, the one that can always be bought can no longer be bought.


Can someone please help me with this? Thanks a lot!

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This model has always struck me as one of the super weirder purchase models out there since it never reconciles that previous purchases still exist when someone buys "exclusivity" undermining the entire idea. Like I've never seen a system that lowers the pricing of "exclusivity" as the number of non-exclusive purchases increases, or more extreme issues refunds and revokes licenses.


Regardless, you would need either:

  • research for a digital downloads app/service that has this type of behavior feature
  • or a sku-sync app to trigger inventory changes
  • or a generalized automation app like mechanic 
  • or hypothetically be skilled with shopify-flow



Though this specific use case would probably need custom scripting.


Skilled users could hypothetically do this using the free shopify-flow automation app and the send-http-request action to disable/delete a variant or set a flag on a metafield etc.

Remember to have remediation if order is cancelled refunded,etc.


If you need this automation scripted you can contact me directly for services.
Please provide context: store url, theme name, post url(s) and any further detail.
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