Shoppay - How can I hide a product from being discovered without using Locksmith or other apps?

Shoppay - How can I hide a product from being discovered without using Locksmith or other apps?

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Hi I am using Locksmith to hide our "free delivery" product that applies free delivery to our members carts. I would like to have a Shoppay shop however because I use Locksmith it wont allow me. So - how do I hide the free delivery product from being found (and added to non-member carts) so I can stop using Locksmith? 

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Hello @lg123 


1. Leverage Shoppay's built-in features:

  • Discounts: Instead of offering a free delivery product, consider creating a discount code that applies free shipping upon reaching a minimum order value. This approach is native to Shoppay and doesn't require hiding products.
  • Customer groups: Create a customer group for members and assign free shipping as a benefit to that group. Shoppay allows displaying products and collections based on customer groups, effectively achieving the desired effect without product hiding.

2. Alternative apps:

  • Wholesale apps: If your membership program resembles a wholesale setup, explore wholesale apps like "Wholesaler by Bold Commerce" or "Wholesale Suite by BSS Commerce." These apps can restrict product visibility and purchase options based on customer groups.

3. Custom development:

  • Consider working with a developer to create a custom solution that integrates with Shoppay and hides the product based on specific criteria. This approach offers flexibility but requires technical expertise and ongoing maintenance.

You can also try this free Shopify app which is an alternative to the locksmith app


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