ShopPay payment method is not updating for subscription customers

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We would like to disable ShopPay from our storefront.

Can you please tell me if Shopify has created an update that would allow our subscription customers currently using ShopPay to continue to be billed if we decide to disable ShopPay from our storefront?

We constantly have customers reaching out to us with problems updating their payment information.  Either they get into a loop and can't update the information or they update it but the payment method fails, even though the client has used the card for many other purchases.  100% of the time these customers with problems updating their payment information are using ShopPay. 

It seems there is a significant problem with ShopPay syncing with the subscription apps so the payment information is not updated in both places when the customer updates their billing method.  We are currently using SKIO but I see from Recharge help pages that they have the same issue. It's extremely frustrating and we have lost many clients because of it. The only work around is to cancel their subscription and set up a new subscription for the client not using ShopPay as the processor, we use this method frequently. 

What is Shopify doing to solve this problem of not syncing and is there an update that would allow current subscribers on ShopPay to be billed if we shut off the ShopPay option on our store front.

Thank you.

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