Should stores with manual Afterpay integrations (no Afterpay App) update to the new Afterpay app?

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  • I'm helping migrate a shop from their a legacy theme into Debut theme (I wish we were moving to Dawn but the merchant is using the legacy Recharge checkout which isn't compatible with Dawn)
  • They're definitely using Afterpay and I see Afterpay script in their current theme so I checked the Afterpay docs to ensure the script and installation method is up-to-date
  • On the official Afterpay Shopify docs site I see alerts warning merchants to update to to the new After...
  • But the store I'm working with doesn't have any Afterpay app installed at all
  • Does this mean the store is using a manual integration (that might've been the default method before the current Afterpay app was available)?
  • And if so, will the non-app integration stop working too; should they start using the new Afterpay app instead of the manual method?  
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  • confirmed! (by @ShopifySupport on Twitter)
  • love Twitter...

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The old Afterpay payment method is being deprecated. You must activate the Afterpay (new) payments app to continue offering existing and new customers Afterpay at checkout.  You can learn more about the update on our website here:

Enabling Afterpay at checkout with the new payments app is separate from adding Afterpay messaging on your site. In order to add Afterpay messaging on your site, you can manually add our latest Shopify-Afterpay Javascript snippet into your site’s theme files, or use our Afterpay.js script. Alternatively, you can place Afterpay messaging by using the Afterpay Attract app.


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