Sign-in-with-Google not allowed inside Shopify app. How can I make it work?

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I'd like to add Sign-in-with-Google inside of my Shopify app.

(My app needs permissions to access a user's Google API).


Normally, the Sign in with Google dialog opens in a popup / overlay window like this:


Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 9.06.00 am.png


However, inside a Shopify app, that is not working.

The overlay window does not open, it only shows this error:


Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 9.37.10 am.png


I'm assuming this happens because the Shopify framework (Remix) keeps everything in this iFrame and doesn't allow the Google sign-in to open.


My integration is working, because if I right-click -> open this frame in a new window,  it shows the correct Google sign in.


Has anybody experience with this and can give me advice on how to make it work?


Thanks in advance

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