Simple HTML newsletter with simultaneous blog+email - Is there a no-frills option?

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I want to write a simple old-fashioned monthly newsletter (html only, no rich text, no images, no boxy brand logos) and have it published simultaneously as:


  1. A blog post
  2. An email to my subscribers

thought maybe there was some way to write it as a blog post, then send that blog post as email (first choice) OR write the email campaign and publish the content as a blog post. If you've ever use Ghost publishing, you'll know what I'm talking about.


I've used mailchimp, constant contact, emma, and other email services, but I'd like to stay within the shopify environment as much as possible. 


Example of a company doing exactly what I want to are attached (both email and blog post, same content)


Would really appreciate any advice or suggestions!



Screenshot from 2022-08-10 10-57-52.png





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