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Size chart for Shoes

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I'm looking for a size chart popup app for women's shoes. I've checked several apps and the product page shows they are for clothes. 

looking for something similar to on aliexpress. please help me find the right app 


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Hi Jason,

You don't really need an app if all you want to do is just display a size chart.

In can easily be done with a small modification to your theme.

Try posting a job in the Shopify Experts Marketplace.

The design of the size guide can then be created to your requirements and you won't have a monthly recurring cost.

You can maintain the content of the size guide(s) in a page using the page admin.


Asa @ Appifiny

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You can use this app -

It provides size charts of various thousands of brands. Apart from size chart, you can use the size recommender which recommends the right right to the shoppers so that the shoppers need not worry about looking into size chart. 

This will help you reduce the sizing related returns and increase revenue.