SKU Generated by Variant Options

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I have a product that I sell with add-ons. It works as follows:


1. A base product is chosen along with size and materials. 

2. Optional add-ons are added.


After (1) is selected, the options in (2) are generated, but the ones that are available depend on what is chosen in (1). For example, if a ring is chosen, (2) will display different options than if a necklace is chosen. 


I am looking for an app or combination of apps that will generate a SKU based on codes assigned to parts. For example, a thin chain in white gold of large size is "TC-W-L" and a star dangle and moon dangle are "SD-MD". In total, the SKU I wish to be produced after the options are chosen is SKU-TC-W-L-SD-MD, representing each of the options chosen and making the parks easy to identify based on the SKU. 

Is anyone aware of apps that can do this? I already have an app in mind for choosing options:

I basically need to add something to that or replace it with a choice that can do all I require. 

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