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Smart SEO App Not Updating Meta Data

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I've just downloaded the Smart SEO app. I've tried changing the meta title and description for 1 of my products using the app interface. After saving all of my changes everything seems to be okay but then I've noticed that when I check the meta title and description of that same product via the Shopify interface, none of the changes made by the app are there. Can anyone explain?



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Same here. I've contacted the developer but no reply yet.


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Same here just noticed it too. I spent two days changing everything. I just checked and something changed but over more than half did not. Seems like something reset it back to Shopify default information that was there before. That information is lightly greyed out if I try to highlight nothing so I just assume this is blank even though Smart SEO shows it changed. 

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This app is great. You just need to understand it and where your changes are showing up.  Below information is  from the Smart SEO site to help you understand.  You won't see the changes in the shop interface of Shopify.  You can check your Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions by right click and going to View your source page.  You will see it there  Ctrl F  "title".  You can go to Products and click on image and see alt tags there.

Please note that the meta title and the meta description are generated by Smart SEO and kept in the app's own database. Smart SEO does not affect your store database. Therefore you would not find the meta title and description generated by Smart SEO in the "Search engine listing preview " section in your Shopify admin for the various pages.