Software based subscription app needed

Software based subscription app needed

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We sell a subscription based service which runs on a customized tablet designed for elderly people which we provided with the subscription.  The user can signup for a monthly or an annual subscription.  In either case, the subscription renews automatically at the start of the next period.  In many ways, our service is similar to a cell phone plan.  When an individual becomes a customer, we provision/configure the tablet for the intended end user and ship the device to them ready to use.


I'm looking for an app that can support this need.  Most seem to be specific to physical or digital products rather than a service.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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If you literally just need it to charge them/renew at a set period, the Shopify subscription app can do that. It should not matter that it's a service, you can mark the product as a service in the product info.