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Can anybody suggest a good upsell app for software sales? My site sells a software product, let's call that Product A. We also have Product B which is a free trial of Product A. Someone downloads Product B and in a couple of days they get an upsell email for Product A. Works great, very high conversion rate. The problem is, how to suppress the upsell email if the customer buys Product A after downloading Product B before said upsell email is sent? Does this make sense?


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What triggers the upsell email a couple of days after purchasing Product B? And how is it sent?

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@rlsharp  try this app has nice design, flash sales,...

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@rlsharp maybe you can check out OneSell Apps. This app can do upsell and cross-sell. You can also set the offer to appear when the product is added to the cart or at checkout

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I apprehend you I had the same hassle and can let you know that to find new software company providers is really tough. I actually have the personal cheese business and while we have been small it wasn't wanted like this software. Now we do loads of sells every day and software program provider may be very helpful.