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Some items from Printful show as "0 in stock for 42 variants" (or whatever number of variants)

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I am just setting up my store and bringing in my designs from Printful. Some of the designs say "inventory not tracked", which is what I think it should be, and other designs say "0 in stock for 42 variants" (or whatever number of variants). I am creating the designs with the Printful App and they are automatically being added to my collections using "conditions". Why would there be a difference like this? I can't seem to change the "0 in stock" to "inventory not tracked". Any suggestions?

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Hey, it's Daniella from Printful here. 

Without any further looking into this, it's difficult to tell what may be the issue here. Could you please reach out to our Customer Support either by chat (if it's on) or with more details regarding this? We'll look into it and do our best to help. 

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I am having the exact same issue.  Has anyone found a resolution?

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I am also having this and it seems completely random which items show the variants out of stock menu as I am using the same shirts just altering the designs.

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having the same issue. great to know it has never been resolved -_- guess i just won't use printful anymore