Something "Phishy" WFS and GMC Apps denying application mid-process W/O explanation

Something "Phishy" WFS and GMC Apps denying application mid-process W/O explanation

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Good day!

To whom it may concern. I am a current Professional Business Owner who utilizes Shopify for my on-line store activity. I wanted to bring a few concerns to your attention. There are two apps that I’ve recently used to connect my store and noticed that once I attempt to complete the application process, there are mysterious denials/approvals of my application and or removal of my products and claims of misrepresentation when accounts were still in "set-up" phase? Unfortunately, you never know who is behind the decisions, AI, real-person, etc. (devil's in the details) these days, as there is no contact person, number or email support. I wanted to forward to you some of the responses I’ve received so far about my store and the given reasons I’ve received which sound extremely suspicious. WFS "Deny-Approved" at the same time...amazing. Never knew it was possible to do that. :-I GMC just implied a misrepresentation and missing info but account was still uploading products and all info hadn't been input yet... Though online store is pretty straightforward see here:


In ending, I would hope that you can do a further investigation of these app interfaces to determine if we are genuinely connecting with these marketplaces and why we are systematically getting rejected. It sure appears “Phishy” to me. :-/Please see examples below. Thank you for any insights you can offer for all of us. Receipts below:WFS-App discrepancy1WFS-App discrepancy1


WFS-App discrepancy2WFS-App discrepancy2


GMC-App discrepancy set-upGMC-App discrepancy set-up
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