source name as 'web' for orders placed using cart url with storefront token for the sales channel

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I received an email from the Shopify App support team, stated:

 You need the *read_only_own_orders* scope to comply with our requirements.This scope ensures the sales channel can only read orders that it created and is added to the sales channel during review. Let us know if you're ready to have this flag added to your sales channel by**leaving a comment in your review instructions.*


To use this 'read_only_own_orders' scope, we have changed the cart url format to :

http://{shop}{variant id}:1?storefront=true&access_token=#{access_token}

and the orders that are generated using this cart url should attributed to that sales channel. Still the orders are attributing to the 'web' as source name in the order data.


We want to redirect the customer/buyer to the shopify cart, kindly let us know how we can get the order attribution which is getting through our platform ?

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