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Hello Community, 

I am building a bike configurator. I am adding multiple products to the cart using <form action="/cart" method="post"> items are load to the form from the specific collections with specific naming and tags. For the most part, there are more products to choose from. For instants, there are a couple of bike frame sizes to choose from, a couple of handlebars, and so on. 
The inputs look like this 

<input id = "{{variant.id}}" name="updates[{{ variant.id}}]" value="updates[{{ variant.id }}]" type='checkbox' data-group={{product.type}}
{% if forloop.first == true %}
{% for tag in product.tags %}
{% if tag == "Default" %}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}


Now when I send the products to the cart I need these products to be grouped and displays in a specific way. In general something like this. 
"Bike assembly for {{ name of the bike}}"
- part 1
- part 2 
- part 3 
Total weight: 10kg 
Total Price:  $100

Then the cart page would continue as normally is from the theme page. 
1. There are two parts in the store. Customers can buy a single part or can customize the bike. In case the customer configure the bike and at the same time buy a couple of parts how can I tell which parts are coming from the configurator? 
2. I case the customer configure two or more bikes how to tell which parts should be grouped together? 

Can you please give me a hand on how to deal with these issues? 
Thank you very much 

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