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Just a heads up to any newbies, like me, if you install sprocket and decide not to keep it on then make sure you cancel with them directly, I was told to just uninstall the app but today they took $99 out of my bank! I went on live chat and was told it would be a few days before they could make a decision on a refund. I never even used the app.

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Hi Magicmarie,

John here from Spocket Support. Thanks for the heads up for any newbies wanting to try us out! Our apologies if this incident has inconvenienced you in any way. I want to let you know that we have your request and we'll make sure to sort it out as soon as possible!

As an additional reference, Shopify also states in their cancellation guide that if we have any third-party apps that have our payment information outside of Shopify (e.g. if we used PayPal to sign up for a trial), then before we uninstall or delete those apps and close our store, we must cancel the service to avoid being billed externally.

Please don't hesitate to reach back to us or follow up with us at support@spocket.co should you need any help or if you have other questions as we are always more than willing to help!

We appreciate your kind understanding and extended patience!

-Team Spocket

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Spocket charged me $708 after I had closed out my online business a week beforehand and they refused to refund my account. That is outrageous and outright thievery since I no longer can use the services without a business! Do you want to do business with a company like that! Meanwhile Monsterinsights gave me a full refund under the same circumstances. One company with ethics versus Spocket