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Hi! Looking for an application, that:

-When product Y is bought, it lowers the stock quantity of product X by 1. 

Have you heard of such application? 

Thanks in advance for replies! 

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Hi @Michal17 


This app could do that: , however would require some custom logic added. Message support, they are always happy to help! 



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Hi @Michal17 

Shopify Stock Notifier helps you maintain a consistent and good level of stock, which allows your store to sell online consistently. Some apps help you place purchase orders so that the store's stock can be reordered, automating the process, saving you time and money.

Based on consumer behavior some apps will even estimate how long you have until you run out of stock. Then use the data to predict whether you need to order more stock to make sure it arrives on time. This can be important for stores with limited storage space and goes with the methodology from time to time.

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This is supported out-of-the-box on the Shopify admin. Go to the product in the Admin and make sure Track Quantity is checked and set the stock level. Then Shopify will automatically adjust the stock when a product is sold.