Stocky App and printing dymo labels

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We're trying to print dymo labels via Stocky for our products.

When printing direct from Shopify, if a product has no variant the variant section is blank but when printing from Stocky 'Default Title' displays when a product has no variant. Is there a workaround for Stocky other than creating a separate label template with no variant? (we have products with variants and without in the same order). We can't be the only ones struggling with this?

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We struggled with printing from stocky and ended up switching to Barcode Man - Label Printing.

It’s the best $4.99 a month we spend  (or at least it solved the problem and does it’s job well, so I’m happy to spend the money). 



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Wondering if you ever solved this problem. We recently set up with Shopify and Stocky as well, and we can't even get Stocky to fill in the Fields as it should. Did you design your tags in Dymo Connect, and if so what version do you use? Are you able to right click a text field and see a "Properties" option in your right click menu?

Thanks for your time!

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