Stocky- connecting a Barcode Scanner

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Hi, do you know how to connect a Barcode Scanner to the Shopify App Stocky? I am trying to set up a stocktake and scan the items into Stocky APP. 

FOR A START Does it connect with a PC or the ipad?



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Will this work so I can make list and then put on my website?
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Thanks, this was the most helpful comment! We were struggling to figure out why our barcode scanner wasn't working to accept inventory at the store. I just purchased the Amazon barcode scanner you recommended and I'm hopeful that will solve the problem at the store level. Do you know if that scanner works to complete a stock transfer as well at the warehouse (I'm assuming the answer is yes). 

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Glad it was helpful!

If you are talking about receiving a Stock Transfer within Stocky, then yes, I just tested it with that same scanner. When receiving a stock transfer, go to Actions, and choose "Barcode scan" as the mode for receiving. Click your cursor in the barcode scan search box, then scan the barcodes of your products. Scan each product and it will keep a count for you and Stocky will color-indicate if your count is correct, according to the transfer quantity.

Shopify Stock Transfers are a little different. I don't think you can scan the barcodes as you are receiving them. You have to keep track on your own and manually enter your counts.

Good luck!