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Can Shopify's Stocky act as a centralized Inventory Manager for multiple shops?

The app is great, does exactly what we want beside one thing I can't get an answer for through their support or documentation. The integration within Shopify and quick syncing makes it ideal to use if you are invested in the Shopify Ecosystem/

In other words, can one Stocky account link multiple Shopify Stores? 

Or is this function something we will have to rely on an ANOTHER third party app to provide?

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Any updates on this?

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Has anyone got feedback on this


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Hi Justin. Stocky doesn't do multi-store, but my own app Horse does. You install it on one store and then you can add all of your other stores to it. It has all of Stocky's features on top of that. Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

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