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Subscription app for bespoke digital products

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Hoping someone can help.


I'm looking for a subscription app that allows customers to select several options, write in a free text box and place a reoccurring order. They need to be able to log back in and change their details/selections too.


I have been using Paywhirl as a test but it doesn't look great as an integration where the customer has to select options/fill in details. Also it doesn't export the selections/options chosen by the customers so these will have to be manually copy/pasted in to google sheets.



So really I need the back end to integrate either as a csv download or ideally via zapier in to google sheets. 


I also need to deliver the digital product each month - so if they can log in and collect it that would also be a great benefit, although I can also just email them a link. 


Thanks in advance


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