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Is there a Shopify app that allows for subscription payments to be paid monthly (eg $45 per month) but delivery of the product is at a different interval (eg every 2 or 3  months)?


this is for a clothing rental business, where the payment is monthly but the clothes only delivered every 2 or 3 months. Thanks! 

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Hey there! 


Supercycle does this - I think what you're calling subscriptions we'd call membership rental (I'd love to jump on a call and learn more about your business model).


In this plan, the billing interval is every month but the customer can return and book new items on their rental membership every 3 months.


We work with a lot of established fashion rental merchants doing exactly this - so if you want to have a chat and exchange thoughts, I'd be more than happy to 😀 

Danai | Head of Product at Supercycle
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Hi @Lambo2 ,

What you seem to be referring to is "paying in installments". As far as I am aware, this can't yet be natively achieved with subscriptions in Shopify. Payment providers, such as ShopPay have these kind of installments integrated in their system. But overall, you could try using our Seal Subscriptions app and set the app to charge the customer every month and then deliver their product once every specific number of months. But you have to know that for each charge, Shopify will create a new order in your shop, which means that you will have to ignore it until the customer pays specific number of times.

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