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Hi Everyone! 
We have developed a new offering and I am on the hunt for an app that will allow for automatic monthly payments.  I would prefer it to be a free app - some of them want to take a percentage of each transaction and our margins are already shrinking because of increasing postal rates.  
The 'product' we are creating is a monthly club of sorts where ppl complete a short and fun questionnaire and we send them a skein of yarn + a Canadian made personal item like a bag of loose tea or a handmade bar of soap based on their answers.  I would like customers to have the ability to do the following:
1 - purchase a single month
2 - pre-pay for 3, 6 or 12 months
3 - sign up for automatic payments/auto ship each month (i need them to have the ability to cancel and make changes to this account on their own)

One concern is that the app will over-ride the existing app that we use for our loyalty points program -, and we will loose all of the points/redemption info. 
Any advice you have is greatly appreciated!

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