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Hello community,

I'm looking for a subscription service that allows customers to buy an initial kit where the subscription will be the refills of the product, not the initial kit. I looked into Seal Subscriptions but I don't think this is supported or may be I'm not doing it right?
Basically, I'm selling refills of one product as a subscription so the initial kit will include the product + 2 refills. The initial kit can only be bought if a customer subscribes to get refills X times per year. In the back end, I imagine these are two separate products, one the initial kit and then the refills but these must be combined at check out.
How do I do this?
Thank you!
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Hi, we suggest that you can custom your theme and make these the initial kit and refills shown on the same product site. The customer can adds the initial kit into the cart as usual. Also can see the refills on the same page and add the refill to the cart as subscription. The only thing is you need to contact with the subscription app support and ask them whether can do the customization depending on your customized theme.

Or you can wait for the new feature, add subscriptions on the post purchase site. But this is still developing and will published soon.

Hope this can help.