Subscription + Customer Accounts/Membership + Digital Downloads help!

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I have one product that will be a monthly or yearly subscription for which you receive a package of digital downloads (ie 10 printable worksheets).

I need to be able to offer a monthly and yearly options for the subscription on my product page, with recurring payments collecting the monthly or yearly fee.

I then need customers able to access a customer account area where they can manage their subscription and access the downloads for each month.

I'm confused about which apps will be able to do all this for me! Do I need one membership app or a subcription app + membership app + digital download app?

What would be the best way to do the above? Any do you have any app recommendations?

Thank you!


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Hello! 👋


I'm Alessandro, owner of Sky Pilot, digital download app for Shopify. I've been working very hard on this digital downloads + subscriptions, and I'd be happy to help you!


You need two apps:

- subscription app - my suggestion is Subscription Plus by Hulk apps

- digital download app - of course here my suggestion is Sky Pilot, but I might be biased 😉


In the subscription app, you create a selling plan and connect to a product. This selling plan will allow customers to buy monthly / yearly plans

Then, in Sky Pilot, you attach the files to the subscription product


From a customer POV, when I buy the product I will have access to all the files connected to the product. When I stop paying, I will no longer have access to the files


For the last point about customer dashboard, you don't need any app. You just need to enable customer accounts on your store and in the /account page add a "Digital Library" button and one "Manage subscription" button. This buttons will redirect to the proxy pages to check all the downloads and manage all the files


I hope this helps, but feel free to ask more if you need. We can also jump on a quick call - for free - and I will show you better 🙂 (valid for anyone reading this comment, not just for the owner of this post)


Have a great day,


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Hi Alessandro, I have a similar situation and would like to chat about your solution. For my particular use case, I would need customers to be able to login into an account and access their digital files/downloads with a license key that has limited use to a specific number of downloads per purchase. Unlike the previous question I have several products they can purchase.

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Hi @ADW!


Sky Pilot can definitely help you. We have all the features you need (including license keys, which will be released next week). I don't think I'm allowed to enter my email here, but you can reach out directly from Sky Pilot chat and ask about me or via email - you can find it in Sky Pilot's homepage. 


looking forward to hearing from you!


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The subscription part would need a Subscription app, I don't think there's a workaround to that. Some subscription apps should allow you to present subscription options on the account page and also provide you with a Customer Subscription panel of some sort, so customers can manage their subscriptions.


Then there is 'the downloads for each month'. I guess the best way to approach it would be with an a Digital Downloads app too.


If you are willing to do some manual work, an alternative would be adding the files to each order as order metafields, then present the data on the account page.


The app in my signature will help you install a customer page with the customer' order history and add a fix to show order metafields along each order.


It also integrates with Digital Download apps and Subscription apps to have all content available on the customer account page, so you could consider all options.

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