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I'm looking for some help on which app or approach I should take when building out my store front


Background - we are building a weekly subscription meal service plan with local pickup options. The customer picks which day of the week they want a recurring meal, and which location they want to pick it up from. Example: Customer 1 wants their weekly meal on Tuesdays at the Austin location, and Customer 2 wants their weekly meal on Thursdays at the Dallas location.


I started by building this with a subscription app (Appstle) but have found the notification customization limiting - (ex. send a notification to that they're order will be ready for pickup at Thursday 5pm at [location address].


A second path I'm trying to figure out if it will work is to use a calendar booking app, but need one that has recurring appointment (subscription) capabilities. I would imagine this route has those types of customer communications built into the platform. Does anyone have a recommendation? 


Is there another option I'm not thinking of or that someone can recommend to me?

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Hi there,

My name is Stephane and I wanted to offer a solution 🙂

Our Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery app sounds like a good fit for you. Our app allows merchants to offer their customers either or all of the following checkout options (pickup, delivery, shipping) with optional date and time pickers for delivery and pickup and the date picker for Shipping. And of course many-many features related to these!
To learn more about our app, I'll include the following link :
And the other important point is that our app is currently partially compatible with Appstle! Having said that, we are currently working on an integration with Appstle which will allow the dates to increment! (Please note that the Appstle integration will be available on our Pro plan and above)

Lastly I'd like to suggest reaching out to our support team should you like additional info or have any questions!

You can reach us by visiting our website :
Or if you prefer, you can reach us at

We hope to hear from you 🙂 

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Some other potential options:

  • Trying other subscription apps, it's possible 1 has more flexible notification options
  • Looking for an app that integrates with Appstle, that specifically handles notifications.
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