Subscription/order management app for B2B/wholesale brand

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Hi everyone,

Our company supplies Dry Ice to businesses in a wholesale/B2B model.

Most of our clients prefer to place a reoccurring order (like: once every day/week/month for example), and they don't want to re-order again every time.

We tried utilizing some subscription apps like "Recharge" or "Loop" but they don't work because they require a credit card as a payment method and most of our clients prefer to pay at the end of the month.

Is anyone aware of a solution for B2B businesses that offers the same features as a regular subscription app but tailored to Wholesalers? 


Thank you

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Hi @DryIceExpress ,


Have you thought about Custom Shopify Apps? 


You'll get your own developer to consult with and the end results is a Shopify app that delivers your desired results. 


An app with the features you've described can easily be completed within 30 days. 


Contact me here if interested:



Sam - Owner / Lead Developer 

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What do you mean by clients prefer to pay at the end of the month? Are you saying that you want to send them an invoice instead of taking payment? What things do you mean by tailored to wholesalers?