Subscriptions, bundles/upsells, reviews, and loyalty- in one app?

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Our shop is struggling against the weight of so many code snippets launching so many applets all over. Is there an app that can handle subscription boxes, bundling/upselling, loyalty programs, and product reviews, all in one? 

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Hey there,

Apps on Shopify tends to solve individual issues and integrate with other to solve the rest. This way every app can focus on the thing they do best.

I know you mentioned you don't want snippets of all apps but I just want to share various apps for your issue: (considering you're price sensitive and are looking for cheaper options)

- Subscription boxes and Bundling (Our application, Subify Subscription [We're integrated with a Bundling app and have lots of articles on how to move it forward)

- Loyalty program -> Loloyal
- Product reviews -> Judge Me

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