Subscriptions, free gift and discount?

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Hey guys,


We're currently using Bold Subscriptions to sell products on subscription. We'd like to find an app that allows us to offer new subscribers:

  1. A free gift of their choice (they have a selection to choose from) AND
  2. A % discount if they have more than one subscription product in their basket

So far, we've checked out a whole number of apps, but none seem to be able to combine the above, mostly due to Shopify's lack of subscription products in Draft Orders.


Does anyone have any suggestions?





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Hi @RyanEngland , our app should work for your use case. The only thing that won't work is letting customers select their gift within a selection of items. The gift will need to be automatically added to cart. Here's how.






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Hi Derek,

I used your app for this free gift + discount rule. My gift is a hidden product, (aka, not available on online store). But after I follow your video to set up the rule, when I check out, Shopify kept saying that this gift has been sold out, and removed from the cart. I checked my hidden gift quantity it is set to sufficient quantity. Have you ever seen something like this before? And how do I fix it? Thank you!

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@NI_olivia_L If you want a gift AND a discount code to apply in the order, the gift item should be published in Online Store, otherwise it won't work. 
If you absolutely want the gift item to be unavailable in Online store, then you can gift it using our app, but no discount code will be allowed on top of the gift.