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Hi Everyone, 


Please suggest me a variation app that should have the following features. Unfortunately, I tried many apps but all of them have something missing. 


  1. Allow adding 100+ variation
  2. Should have "Buttons" for sizes and "Swatches" for colors
  3. Should allow naming each color and size different SKU. Example: 
  4. It should allow tracking the quantity of each SKU. 


Basically, the above features are the same as Shopify's built-in features. Just like to enable 100+ variations in a product. 


Please suggest some. 



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Hello @Shayanhkhan,

Can you provide any Sample that works like your 2 and 3 requirements? As I'm not sure about 2, 3. I can suggest an app called MultiVariants that shows the variants in different four styles and track the stock that comes from Shopify. This app works with the variants that come from Shopify So, so it doesn't help you with creating more than 99 variants.

Check out the Sample product where the customer must choose shades by clicking on the swatch colors and here is the Sample store with more available features.

Emilia7 | eFoli
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Hi. Below is an example of 2


and for 3, shopify own variation has option to set SKUs on specific color and size. 





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like this