Suggestions for apps/ways to promote a storewide volume discount

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Looking for some app recommendations – I've downloaded what feels like all of them, but can't find one that isn't buggy or does what I need.


High-level: We sell umbrellas. Looking to promote a side-wide offer to buy any two umbrellas and get 20% off. We have too many products to show them all in a widget.


Ideally there's a pop-up or widget on the product page promoting the offer, you click and it applies the promo code, then you can continue to browse. I don't really want the discount to be automatic because if someone ignores it and wants to buy 5 at full price, so be it. Would also like it to say "add 1 more umbrella to get 20% off" or whatever in the cart.


Any advice?! Thanks in advance!

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Hello @LindStuart,


You can consider the Bold Discounts ‑ The Sale App app by BOLD. With this app, you can give a discount by percentage off, a dollar amount off, or a fixed price. Also, you can apply sales at the variant, collection, or store level, or choose specific products only. In addition, you can set up a sale in seconds storewide.


You can also review other apps with this feature at the apps store and if nothing meets your needs, there is always a way to make a custom app.
Please, let me know if you need any assistance. 


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Hi @LindStuart😁


This is Ellie from Here are some Shopify apps that might help with your umbrella discount promo. These apps have good reputation for their discounts customizations, but I'd recommend you to contact their support teams if you want further customizations, like the widget on product page.

1. qikify Upsell & Free Gift

3. Unlimited Bundles & Discounts

3. AIOD ‑ All‑In‑1 Discount


If you want to twist the offer a little, then you can try BOGOS. The app can create offer like this: buy two umbrellas and get 20% off the next one. We can have the popup on product page and the message on cart to motivate customers too.


Hope it helps! 💜



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Use Free gift to create special promotions: BOGO, gift with purchase, product bundles on your store!
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