Suggestions Requested: Shopify App Billing tnc for Pro-rated refunds

Suggestions Requested: Shopify App Billing tnc for Pro-rated refunds

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Hi Community Members,

I have a concern/question regarding the pro-rated refund in Shopify.

To describe more, I am sharing the scenario here which we recently have experienced:
I had a customer who installed the App on May 29th, 2024 and uninstalled the same on July 5th, 2024.

For this case, we have received a notification that Pro-rated charges got refunded to customer.
I was referring to Shopify Policy as well and there were nothing mentioned anything related Pro-rated refund on cancellation.

I did find an information where they have quoted a Pro-rated refund on Upgrade or Downgrade, however this is the cancellation and not the downgrade.

This customer is now again using our App which they installed on July 8th, 2024 and again using a Free Trial. This, somewhere is a Business loss to us.

We are not agreeing to the refund which Shopify recently processed from their end. We have not mentioned any where regarding the Pro-rated charges and want to stop this.

We are referring below link:

Any Suggestions?

Shopify Team @ Conversios System
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