Switching on an alternate price with one button

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Is there way to turn on a different price with one button in the shopify POS that rather than applying a standard 10% discount, is actually linked to each different products pricing structure. So for example, product A has a local price at 15% below standard, where as product B has 5% below standard. So that one button would need to interpret the price from each different product and apply it the price discretely..

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@dduke In Shopify POS, applying individual percentage-based discounts per product with a single button isn't a standard feature. To achieve this, set custom prices for each product in the Shopify admin based on their specific discount structures. Then, during checkout in Shopify POS, manually apply discounts based on the predetermined custom prices for each product. Integrating a one-button solution for interpreting and applying unique discounts per product would likely require custom development beyond the standard POS capabilities.

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